Glasbern Inn is more than just your special occasion spot

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary to stay at Glasbern. Why not create your own special celebration or holiday for just the two of you?

How about celebrating the day your mother-in-law’s two-week visit with you was over! Or maybe celebrate the day you found out you were about to become parents? How about making a holiday out of your kids leaving for college each fall, or the day you met and fell in love?

Make Glasbern YOUR special place for EVERY special occasion.

Arrival at Glasbern is only the beginning

When you arrive at Glasbern, what’s your favorite thing to do first?

Take a nap on the comfortable large bed?

Enjoy a drink at the pub or a meal in the restaurant?

Go for a walk around our beautiful property?

Take a dip in the pool (assuming it’s summertime)?

Or maybe take a dip in your room’s whirlpool tub (assuming it has one)?

Tell us what you do after you arrive.