The Farm

The Farm

Sustainable Agriculture for Farm-to-Table Dining

Come see (and taste!) sustainable agriculture in action.

In 2005, farming started again at Glasbern, reviving an excellent parcel of farmland that had lain fallow for about 35 years. When you dine here, it will be abundantly clear why the original German farmer chose to carve a farm out of this particular hillside. There's something special about this land.

Encompassing over 130 acres, our farm practices sustainable agriculture to raise healthy vegetables and poultry for use in our restaurant. We invite our guests to explore the farm's pastures, gardens, and greenhouses while observing the daily work that mirrors the changing of the seasons.

We have a long-term commitment to the health of the land, and practice rotational grazing of our animals. The herb garden, greenhouses, and large cultivated beds provide fresh heirloom produce year-round for our kitchen. Seeds of heirloom vegetables are open-pollinated and – you be the judge – are known for their superior flavors. Glasbern’s flower gardens flourish under the expert cultivation of horticulturist Pamela Ruch, and lend an atmosphere of love to the Inn.

We're not "certified organic," even though many of our practices comply with organic standards. Rest assured you won't find any pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, or hormones in any of the food we raise and serve.

Fruits and Vegetables

Besides our large outdoor vegetable plot, two wood-heated greenhouses keep Glasbern produce on the table for much of the year. These high-tunnel greenhouses protect our raised beds during early spring and late fall to extend our growing season into the winter months. In addition, high tunnels reduce wind and moisture fluctuation, and allow us to control pests through all natural means.

We invite you to join us in experiencing the delights from our pastures and garden firsthand in Glasbern's restaurant.


A Pennsylvanian Farming Tradition

Pennsylvania has a rich history of farming, and Glasbern is proud to share in this great tradition. When you stay with us we invite you to visit our neighbors the Rodale Institute, just a few miles down the road, a pioneer organization in the worldwide organic farming movement.